He came out from the back room and appeared to be sad, he leaned his body against my legs,

choosing me to be his mom.

My heart was captured, the bond instant, we changed his name to Damien

to give him a new life, free from maltreat.

His chocolate eyes would gaze, his love evident and pure, always my greatest protector,

making certain all was secure.

Never would he leave me, his place was in my chair, almost never would I sit there,

without him also being there.

The day of his loss rips my heart apart, but in those last few hours he laid with me

and I held him as he left this life for his new start.

I can picture him now, young forever, running through the grass and pouncing with bunnies,

also stalking the birds as if so clever.

Maybe there in heaven my loved ones see him now. Perhaps he’s Grandpa’s companion,

in that paradise he lives in…somehow.

I like to think that he remembers me, much as I’ll always remember him, my sweet, loving

Damien dog, I’m alive because of him.

RIP Momma’s puppy! Love you forever!