Welcome to my blog! My name is Tiffany Schenk, I share a home with Mr. Mark Schenk, our dog, Damien and our two cats, Smokey and Blackie. We sometimes have our three rugrats here, twins aged 13 and one almost 12. My step-rugrats are the greatest kids to exist in this world since my own grew up and flew off. =)

I write for a mass of reasons but mostly to journal my constantly rambling thoughts. I write some poetry, or attempt to, write short stories and have grand ideas of one day writing a book. I know, if nothing else, I will be writing more college papers and reports in my chosen career as a psychologist. (In a billion years, upon graduation, that is.)

I will try to avoid my posts always being dark, but my thoughts often get stuck in a dark mode and it’s hard to pull out of it. I can’t promise much happy, joy, brand new toy stuff…not my thing, but I can always employ the assistance of one of my four sisters. They are a happy bunch! Yes, girls…I called you out! Love you all!